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Molten Salts Group

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e-mail: devyatkin@ionc.kiev.ua

The Basic Directions & Publications:

1. Thermodynamic Calculation and Theoretical Papers

  • Borisoglebskii Yu. V., Vetyukov M.M., Shatova Z.Yu., Devyatkin S.V. Thermodynamic Activity of Aluminium Chloride in the Melts of Chlorides of Alkali and Alkali-Earth Metals (in Russian) – Ukrainian Journal of Chemistry, 1991, 57, 1, 105-107
  • Kushkhov Kh.B., Shapoval V.I., Devyatkin S.V.: Classification of High-Temperature Electrochemical Synthesis Processes. Ukrainian Journal of Chemistry (in Russian), 1991, 57, 827-830.
  • Kaptay G., Devyatkin S.V., Berecz E.: Calculation of thermodynamic criteria of the electrochemical synthesis of transition metal diborides - Euchem Conference Molten Salts, Belgium, Abstracts, 1992, P-17.
  • Deviatkin S.V., Kaptay G., Berecz E.: Stabil sztochiometriaji femboridok elektrokemiai szintezisenek kemiai-termodinamikai kriteriumai, Termodinamikai Eleadasok, Eotvos Lorand Fizikai Tarsulat, Budapest, 1994 (in Hungarian), 165-170.
  • Devyatkin S.V., Malyshev V.V., Shapoval V.I. Thermodynamic estimation of the possibility to control the acid-base properties in tungstate melts, Proc. of Int. Symposium on Molten Salts , Ed.s H.C. DeLong, S. Deki, P.C. Trulove, R.W. Bradshaw and G.R. Stafford
  • Devyatkin S.V. Catodic Passivation under Cyclic Voltammetry, Questions of chemistry and chemical technology, (in Russian), 1999, 1, 100-101
  • Tumanova N.Kh., Devyatkin S.V., Boiko O.I. Electrochemistry of refractory metals in ionic and ionic-organic melts, (in Russian) – Ukrainian Journal of Chemistry, 2004, 70, 7-8, 78-84.


2. The Electrochemical Synthesis of Refractory Compounds from Molten Salts

Refractory Metal Borides:

Titanium Silicides:

Silicon Carbide:

Ternary Compounds:

Microstructure of deposited compounds:

3. Electrochemistry of Titanium in Molten Salts

4. Application of high melting point compounds in metallurgy

5. Corrosion in Molten Salts

  • S.V. Devyatkin, S.V. Volkov, A.A. Omelchuk, A.S. Bakai, Electrochemical behavior of Ni-Mo alloys and alloy additions under anodic polarization in NaF-ZrF4 melts, EUCHEM 2004 Molten Salts Conference Proceeding, 20-25 June 2004 Piechowice, Poland, Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Wroclawskiegu,154-159.
  • V.M. Azhazha, À.À. Àndrjiko, À.S. Bakaj,S.V. Volkov, S.V. Devyatkin, À.N. Dovbnya, S.D. Lavrinenko, À.À.Omelchuk, B.M.Shirokov, Corrosion of irradiated ni-mo alloys in sodium and zirconium fluoride melts, XVI the International Conference on Physics of Radiation Phenomena and Radiation Material Science , September 2004, Alushta, Ukraine, 281-282.

6. Electrochemistry of vanadium oxides and vanadium slag’s in molten salts.

7. Electrochemical synthesis of carbon nanotubes in molten carbonates.

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